bombay dreams

It’s so sad that Bombay never sleeps.

I want to see the city snore. I want to see it take angdai, and snuggle into the night’s arms. I want to see the moon smile at a morning unconcerned with the lingering smell of the previous night. I want to see the lights burn out and shrivel up into a faint memory.

Can a city truly sleep?

imagine a spirit roaming through the streets – crazed, sleepless, thoughburnt. unable to find silence. a spirit like a question unanswered. like a whisper thrown into the night, unheard by anyone. a spectre lost in bloodshot imaginings of what could have been. a figure caught in the storm of electronic gibberish. a web of plastic words splayed through the insomnia of chatscreens.

imagine a shadow sewn together with the crackling teeth of shivering beggars.
imagine the barking of dogs snatching the silence out of night’s embrace. like a barbed wire whip
cracking the shadow to tottering life.


A worm slithering in the cement under Dadar Bridge. hiding from the light. trying to catch some sleep.

That is the spirit of this city.


About teevramadhyam

'I became insane with long intervals of horrible sanity' -Poe
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