Bombay traffic

The traffic felt like little bullets of testosterone today. As I weaved through the haze of exhaust, hornscream, dirty looks and angry rants, on my cycle, I saw a pair of cars plonked bang in the middle of the road. Their tyres were caked with dust, their metal armour dented and scarred in several places – remains of other such battles for pace and space fought in crowded Bombay streets. The agitated male owners were in the thick of a loud fight. Arms flailing, gesticulating madly they were screaming the usual gaalis and making tall claims about how they’d have to spend a couple of hours more in their air conditioned office to pay for the damage.

All I could hear was:

Mine’s bigger than yours!


About teevramadhyam

'I became insane with long intervals of horrible sanity' -Poe
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2 Responses to Bombay traffic

  1. Tilpu says:

    You’re becoming a chronicler of the mad city. Read Em and the big Hoom please?

  2. hehe. This is actually the first in a series I’m planning revolving around the city. Bombay traffic, bombay rain etc. So I guess you cottoned on 🙂 and yes Em and the Big Hoom is Jerry Pinto’s debut na. It’s on my reading list. You read the Extras. I’ll read em and the big hoom 🙂

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