Lines written on the death of my grandmother


A sack of flesh spilling over
a diminutive frame

seeking herself out from
a thousand faces of insanity

stammering through the
insidious sentences woven by time’s scribe

raving eyes lost in the syntax of pain
unrolling its slow tortuous whip before her.

Her aspect had the look of one who was cheated.

of someone who was
caught with her hands in the cookie jar

an embarrassed cough in the conversation
that death was weaving steadily around her.


The past was a collection of broken furniture
enclosed in the inner sanctum of her thoughts

In between gasps
And coughing fits
She talked to me
cleaning out the chicken coop
that was her mind

And searching for the words

Passing on the legacy of something
that was interrupted in transit 

Bequeathing the gleam
of carefully polished dreams
hidden away in an attic
where even their impossibilities
couldn’t touch them


It’s uncanny how after
decades of practice
Reality still crept up on her

Like a cocked pistol in the dark

and her  raw amateurish limbs shivered
under the gaze of a dishevelled existence


How can one ever come to terms with it

the dull throbbing opacity
of death

the impossibility

the serrated edginess.

Thrashing inside a straitjacket of helplessness
I grew gnarled branches reaching out
And watched her breath turn
Into withered flowers


I watched
life slip out quietly

like a thief


I settled for the smell of salt
in my tears
and incompletion squirming inside my blood
like a snake struggling to throw off its snakeskin

a banner written on smoke
Slowly fading and pulling back with its teeth
the sighs of thousand sleepless lips
falling like cannons on that lifeless



Death is outside me.

For now
It is just inaction
Like arriving on the scene
a second too late
Only to see the smarting edges
of rubble


About teevramadhyam

'I became insane with long intervals of horrible sanity' -Poe
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2 Responses to Lines written on the death of my grandmother

  1. Titlee says:

    Ajinkya, beautiful lines. Soo deeply felt. One big hug!

  2. 🙂 ghar pe aake dede hug 🙂

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