red fun sleep run candy

There was a boy who dreamt of elephants
Of a rhythm of beating feet
In the jungle’s soul
Of the red flower of home
Lost in an echo
Of a living root bridge
That carries souls into the silence
That they yearn for

Memory runs deep
Like blood
We don’t know it’s silent treachery
We don’t know how it changes us
Sometimes it springs out
Out of the woodwork
Like an awkward laugh
Or the shimmering curtain of innocence
That hums the tune of freedom
It’s heady groove

‘Why do you fall into the choric refrain of my eyelids?’
The boy says
Why do you rise in the crescendo of a breath?
Why do you dance to the cadence of abandon?
In the thunderous togetherness of our meeting
Somewhere a cat yawns
Before purring back to sleep

He’s fallen in love with the forest
With the girl who sits beside the waterfall
With the spirit who runs with the rustling of leaves
Who hides in the opening of flowers
Who knows where the elephants go when they know they are going to die
Who never let’s you in, like the closed door of the stone

But still he loves
Because the moment is sweeter in it’s promise of a quest
He does not want to find absolution
He wants to run oblivious
Of memory
And the pattering feet of time
He wants to taste
What it means
To be truly


About teevramadhyam

'I became insane with long intervals of horrible sanity' -Poe
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