Conscience passes through the secret lives of things
a snake measuring time in the dark

vein; uncertainty’s child

seconds pass like
syllables in the
alchemy of the forgotten
stench of touch

finding themselves
in the wire
before letting mathematical
algorithm of synchronised smile

plaster flower hover

a swatch of

iron skin
skin on keys
skin on keys
skin on screen
skin on screen
skin on screeeeaam

and aaaaah
the cackling enigma of the real

the clandestine nod
of conspiring metallic
skeletal frames

a snake measures time in the dark

there is a shadow that lives
in the heart of the junkyard
that spreads its colonising

through the limbs of machine

half raging lunatic
locked in maps
where eyes too human
for love
draw lines between

in the distance
smoke rises
above the digital
desert of nods

the snake snaps its jaws shut


About teevramadhyam

'I became insane with long intervals of horrible sanity' -Poe
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