Art Sabotage*

who has seen him
race his mind
through the vacant parking lots?

who has felt his
bloodcurdling gaze?

who has felt
his eyes lash out into the darkness
like the lifeless
scream of the dog
that has forgotten
to bark at the night’s intolerance?

who has trembled
before his aggression,
a moment of silence
drenched in the half-breathing corpse
of a childhood memory?

who has seen his laugh
spread its hood
faster than the news?
his sore-eye-twinkle
earnest as the
the verdant spring of
an innocuous hunger?

his futility, a rusted nail
thrust into the inevitable
flesh that bled into the
days to come?

who has felt his warm breath?
the electromagnetic teleology
of his burgeoning city
of madness?

have you found him?
the mirror
the shadow
the dog-ear

have you peered into
the skyline of his
prism of dreams

and traded your life
for a dance in the
music of his voice?

 * A term borrowed from Hakim Bey. genius, vate poetic terrorist, art saboteur

About teevramadhyam

'I became insane with long intervals of horrible sanity' -Poe
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