Unfurl me then
In the arithmetic of your desire|
With eyes
That could bleed subterranean rivers dry
Eyes that narrate
Fables of a breathless haste,
a fumbling tizzy of hands|
I have found a spot
In the bustling side roads of your city
And set up shop.
Displaying my wares
In a corner of your
Come visit me
Where no minds can wander
Come and buy some time
Come see the mirrors
That I have brought back with me
From the bazaar
Mirrors that can reflect
A soul,
A tune
A crimson drop of beating hearts|
Come rest your ear
Against my words
And listen to the ocean
Of my longing|
For generations
This tide had ebbed and flowed
In the dark|
Resting one moment
In this
or that
Imploring eyes

About teevramadhyam

'I became insane with long intervals of horrible sanity' -Poe
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