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aranya #12: Rendezvous

Under a rectangle of moonlight Qi and Kaththi sit on a mat of leaves Stick falls on stone an eye implores two silences speak Kaththi stiffens nods quietly leaves

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aranya #11: union

What the forest saw: notes cascade into each other, like the sky dripping into the forest, in a waterfall of desire. And born out of the union is the language of the trees. birds catch it in their beaks, and … Continue reading

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‘I’ll tell you all the news

the ocean froths In the empty ghada a Shrill whisper rises  Like piss in the stream  The fawda picks away at the clod Darknesses converge  Upon the decaying carcasses  The dead stink  Louder than blasphemies  In the sacred chamber  And time,  … Continue reading

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leaves crackle underfoot. Fumes of wet earth spiral upwards into the translucent moondust; twilight rain’s afterthought. the saxophone breath of the night. soft rustle of foreboding. the forest begins to stir. sleep leaves the eyes of trees in little dew … Continue reading

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for Cohen

melancholy is a colour. it sings through the cracks opening in the river of your broken baritone. like light high on dreams the cliffs are empty, the sea froths like an angry dog, the window is open, and the lipstick-smeared … Continue reading

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I’m deeply attracted to those people who respond to a metaphor on its own terms. knead it with their minds. turn it into a flower. and pass it back to me, as if they were wielding a knife. those people … Continue reading

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music should deliver you from yourself. it should be like swiping a chord in nostalgia’s shop, and buying eternity for a moment. the earth of our very being should shake and beauty should slip into the crevice of our tired … Continue reading

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