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aranya #12: Rendezvous

Under a rectangle of moonlight Qi and Kaththi sit on a mat of leaves Stick falls on stone an eye implores two silences speak Kaththi stiffens nods quietly leaves

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‘I’ll tell you all the news

the ocean froths In the empty ghada a Shrill whisper rises  Like piss in the stream  The fawda picks away at the clod Darknesses converge  Upon the decaying carcasses  The dead stink  Louder than blasphemies  In the sacred chamber  And time,  … Continue reading

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aranya #10: the conference of dogs

“…The sun was still orange then” he murmured. the forest, of old, glistened through his eyes. his dappled ashen beard shimmering gently in the breeze. “This was before the world knew humility, before humans knew the meaning of violence. I … Continue reading

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aranya #9: and catastrophe

The trees understood it first. but they were ancient. their messages passed slowly. antibodies had started to kick in. it was night at day. a storm in a bottle. the second coming. the apocalypse. the end of the universe as … Continue reading

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aranya #6: the beginning

The evening sat on its haunches. at her feet. Her mind was baavra. never stopping. flying from this ghaat to the other. a nomad without a home. or everywhere, a home. everywhere she roamed in the forest. The evening lay … Continue reading

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I can turn down the volume Not switch off the tape recorder It starts somewhere deep In the middle, mid-pant A kind of dull throbbing Reminding you of you Incessant drone, like a shruti peti A glass barrier, that distorts … Continue reading

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They passed their misery around And fueled it Each affirmation was a drop Of life in the seed’s turning Into stem There was no drama As it floundered through Into the the day The most intimate impulse As tune is to … Continue reading

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