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“The lives of others”

Birds clothe the morning with the edifice of their calls. we build our worlds one storey after another. In the mettalic breath of a whiplash bark we drown our conversation. hope without time. and knowing before watching. our sentences emerge already formed. like the past wrapped … Continue reading

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the hook beside the fan

the hook beside the fan runs incarnadine like your eyes turning red with the green smoke of memories masquerading as dance in our paranoid conversations in our soot black minds our black tongues magnified on walls with kites that hold … Continue reading

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Lines written on the death of my grandmother

I A sack of flesh spilling over a diminutive frame seeking herself out from a thousand faces of insanity stammering through the insidious sentences woven by time’s scribe raving eyes lost in the syntax of pain unrolling its slow tortuous … Continue reading

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Imagine a wisp of sound deftly riding the air and settling down slowly in the midst of an audience frozen in rapt ecstasy; Imagine a note taking flight, thrown into the air, gathering the silence around it, and wrapping the … Continue reading

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I take the streets one flight at a time. The traffic a cannon thrown out at sea. The flotsam of cigarette butts.The lights an electric riff uncorked in the thyroid gaze of smogged mall windowpanes. And fingers of dust grating … Continue reading

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